It’s Hard to Name Something

To people who found this blog,

This blog will be used for assignments of MMC6612-New Media and Democratic Society,  and in this first post let me have a brief introduction of myself.

My name is Lin’ao Li, and I grew up in Beijing, the capital of China. After obtained a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in Wuhan University. I had a gap year and worked as a committee member of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival. And now I am in my first year of graduate study in UF as a Telecommunication major student at CJC.

The reason I decide to take course MMC6612 is that I am very interested in new media and how it influences modern society. I desire to get better understanding of them. Therefore, I chose this course and expected to communicate with my  classmates.

You can  find me on Twitter at@LInsulate and feel free to reach out at Looking forward to hear from you!


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