Remix: Thank you Naruto

I am sorry that my video on youtube cannot be played in US,  so I upload it to a Chinese website, you can watch my video here. Ads in this website are a little bit long and cannot skip, I feel sorry about that.

A good cartoon can be one of your best friend in your growth, as for me, this cartoon is Naruto. All video materials of this video come from this famous Japanese cartoon series. In the past 12 years, I grew up with this cartoon, and I think it’s a opportunity for me to make a remix video to thanks for the sweet memories that Naruto brought to me in these years.

In addition, four background music in this video are also from some other Japanese cartoons, like Detective Canon. All I have done was to show my love to Japanese cartoon and I want my audience thus feel curiosity even “fall in love” to Japanese cartoons, especially to my favorite, Naruto.


4 thoughts on “Remix: Thank you Naruto

  1. Hi, Linao,
    Thank you for your remix of Naruto. It brings back many of my memory, for it is also my favorite cartoon through my childhood and teenage time. I remember when I was a child, my mom did not let me use computer in my spare time, because they worry that it will get in the way of my study. So I used to watch Naruto furtively on the computer when my parents got out. I think the reason we feel appreciate about the comic is that it represent our past time and our childhood. The cartoon has already been a symbol for us.


  2. I am so moved by your remix of Naruto. Every child have his or her favorite cartoon which accompany them during their youth so the Naruto is the one which give you the companion and comfort. I think your editing is great, which use different style music to match up your plot and your expression. About the emotion you want to display, I think it is the same as our real life. We often come across some difficulties in our real life, and feel sad sometimes as well. However, we will become strong and gradually grow up. This kind of process will offer us many beautiful memories. Thank you, Lin’ao.


  3. Hi Lin’ao
    I am appreciate that you did this remix. When the background music starts, I just feel like totally got back to my childhood. I grew up watching Tome & Jerry, the snow white and the sleeping beauty, my life was also full of Doraemon and Naruto when I was young. I pretty understand your emotion to Naruto, because he is such a character that may not be perfect, but always full of positive energy, like Sakuragi Hanamichi. Classic is classic. And when it is the one companied us in the past, it becomes more precious for us.


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